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Magpie Model Horses - Persie Collection Ten

Magpie Model Horses is one of the few remaining British model horse companies which formed the foundation of the model horse hobby in the UK.

These hand-painted models are still produced right here in the UK. Because they are painted and finished by hand, no two models issued are exactly alike. Our Magpie models are roughly 1:12th scale - Hunter, 6 inches; Arabian, 5.25 inches; Welsh Pony, 4.25; and Foal, 2.4 inches - measured from ground to ear tips.

The attention to detail and high standard of work elevates these models to true collectibles. Magpie Model Horses are not intended as toys and are unsuitable for children under fourteen.

Magpie models aren't just shelf decorations, the special CFT (Craft, Foundation, Toy) division offered by many shows in the UK, groups Magpies with similar brands, making them competitive and successful additions to a show string.

Magpie Model Horses - Design-A-Magpie Kit

Yearly "Personality" collections are available for purchase through this site. These collections are available for in fixed, numbered quantities. Each model is numbered and comes with a certificate of registration.

For the artistic collector there are kits consisting of an unpainted shell and a matching hair swatch, enabling one to create the horse of their dreams.

Magpie Model Horses - Easter Eg and Special Arabians

Special releases appear from time to time - these are announced here, on the blog, and through our multiple social media sites, so no need to worry about missing out. Like the Personality models, specials are numbered and come with a certificate of registration.

Some of these specials are available for purchase directly from the site, while others, such as event specials, are only available in person at participating shows. Occasionally, extra special, one-of-a-kind models called "Easter Eggs" are hidden on the website or our forum. The first person to find the model and message us may purchase it.

Magpie Model Horses products are NOT intended as toys and are unsuitable for children under fourteen.